Sewage Cleanup

When sewage backs up, it is common knowledge that toilets will not flush. Furthermore, your home may flood from sewage-contaminated water, which can be a stressful experience. Also, wastewater may come up in your toilet, drain, or sink when sewage backup.

The best thing to do to avoid these problems is to hire experts who provide sewage backup cleanup services.

Expert Sewage Backup Cleanup Service in Southern Colorado

Because of the health risks and sanitization issues involved, it is best to hire a professional instead of performing DIY (do-it-yourself) sewage cleanup work. Environment Control of Southern Colorado ensures that our sewage backup cleanup is quick, effective, safe, and quality for home and business owners.

We have the right experience to handle any sewage waste and cleanup work in Colorado Springs, CO, and surrounding cities.


What Is Sewage Cleanup And Why Do You Need It?

All used water from your home enters the sewer after exiting through pipes, including contaminated flushed water from the kitchen, shower, and toilet. Sewage backs up when sewer line pipes get clogged for any number of reasons and stop wastewater from flowing freely.

Sewage cleanup entails the removal of all sewage-affected water as well as waste. Sewage removal is important because it will help you and your family to remain healthy without any issues from harmful bacteria in contaminated raw sewage water.


FAQ: What Causes Sewage Blockages?

Some causes of sewer line blockages are hard to notice until the damage happens; however, some can easily be prevented. Common causes of sewer blockages include:

1. Solid Blockages

Solid objects such as diapers, plastics, garbage, and other items can cause a sewer backup situation in the pipeline between your home and the main city.

2. Structural Problems

Over time, your sewage system could have broken sewer lines or other problems, like pipes that are out of place or have collapsed. The problem with these issues is that they may result in overflows, and the solution is to perform replacements or reconstructions.

3. Nature’s Infiltration

Sometimes, tree roots can infiltrate the sewage system and spread through the pipes, which can cause breakage and cracking of the sewer line pipes.

4. City’s Backup Or Surge

It will only take the lowest opening if the sewage line in the city experiences a backup. Also, it could happen in the basement. Your homes’ lower toilets and drains are a common area where wastewater in the overflowing sewage will leave.


Our Sewage Backup Cleanup Service in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Cities in Southern Colorado

Our sewage backup cleanup process will enable you to protect your items and get rid of all backup waste. We will work quickly to restore your home to its original condition.

Our sewage backup cleaning process will involve:

  • Specialized water and sewage removal to help get rid of viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

  • Removal of surfaces that have been exposed to contamination including carpets, furnishings, flooring, and others.

  • Using specialized equipment including air movers to ventilate and dry contaminated space.

  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the space to stop the multiplication of microbes that may attract diseases. Also, we will treat the area to avert future mildew and mold growth.

  • Post-disinfection service is a long-term antimicrobial shield against fungi, mold, and bacteria.

  • Ongoing support and guidance, backed by years of experience as the industry leader in sewage backup cleanup in Colorado Springs and nearby cities in  Southern Colorado.


FAQ: What Are the Consequences of Sewage Backup?

A sewer backup can lead to various types of damage. Aside from health concerns, it can also cause structural and cosmetic damage. The longer you delay in calling for a sewage cleanup service, the greater the risk of sewage damage and diseases.

1. Health Risks

Sewage contains bacteria that can lead to serious illnesses including cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis. You can also get an infection if you have an open wound or make your skin irritates.

2. Structural Damage

If the sewer backup is severe, it can weaken your home’s structure. Subflooring and wooden studs can also split or warp, and plaster or drywall can crumble.

3. Cosmetic Damage

When sewer backups, it can stain your walls, floors, ceilings, fabrics, and furniture within a few hours.

4. Ruin Appliances

Raw sewage can ruin or even damage your home appliances.

Benefits Of Using Our Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup Service in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

Below are several benefits you will get for hiring our sewage backup cleanup experts in Southern Colorado:

  • We Have Advanced Equipment

A standard vacuum cleaner is not enough to do the job. At Environment Control of Southern Colorado, we have access to modern and advanced sewer cleanup equipment and products. Also, cleaning up sewage waste in your basement can be dangerous, but we have the necessary gear to keep you safe.

  • Get Quick Results

Because of our experience and expertise, we will handle your sewage backup cleanup as soon as you call us, and we will do it quickly and effectively. Doing it by yourself or hiring amateurs might lead to more damage because they will not do the job fast and extensively.

  • Investigate The Cause Of The Problem

Attempting to inspect by yourself or with the assistance of non-experts can be dangerous and ineffective. Environment Control of Southern Colorado has the right experience, and we will do our best to get to the root cause of the problem and inspect different areas, including structures, tree roots, and pipes, or even find reasons for sewer spills in your home.

  • Get Rid Of Biohazards

Raw sewage is extremely dangerous because it contains numerous parasites, viruses, germs, and bacteria that can cause infections in the lungs, intestines, and other human organs.

Quality Sewage Backup Cleanup Service in Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas in Southern Colorado

At Environment Control of Southern Colorado, we offer quality, quick, and long-lasting sewage cleanup services in Colorado Springs, CO, and nearby cities. We will ensure that your home is fully restored and that there are zero contaminated surfaces after our sewage cleanup service.

Also, we can help you address and resolve water, fire, and smoke damage and mold removal services, which are all closely related services. We also offer 24/7 emergency restoration services for any urgent problems you may have.

Visit us online for more information and to request a free estimate! Let us help with quality sewage backup cleanup and restoration services at your home or business property; call Environment Control of Southern Colorado today!

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