Restoration Services in Pueblo, CO

Restoration Services in Pueblo, CO


24/7 Emergency Restoration Services in Pueblo, CO

Environment Control of Southern Colorado is a state-licensed restoration company that can help you have a healthy home. The security of your home and the normal life of your family are our top priorities.

We offer a wide range of services to both residential and commercial clients. Our restoration company also works with your insurance company to make sure that the damage repair, reconstruction, and mitigation go as smoothly as possible.



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When there is property damage caused by either a major storm, fire damage, a flood, mold, water damage, or smoke, you cannot focus on anything other than the structural damage caused.

Without the proper tools and a trained team, dealing with this disaster can be difficult. It’s important to leave this job to the professionals. A professional restoration company has the right tools and knowledge to meet your specific needs and make sure that the repairs to your house are done safely.

If you have experienced a disaster in Southern Colorado or nearby areas, let our technicians in Environment Control handle all the details for you. Our technicians are fully certified by the Institute of Restoration Certification and Cleaning (IICRC).

We are a full-service restoration company that offers the services that follow;


Water Emergency Restoration Services

Have you experienced flooding or water damage in your home? Water damage can cause major structural damage to your property and to houses in your building. One of the most common types of house damage includes water damage.

It may be the result of a flood, a major storm, a leak, or other things. If you do not allow certified experts to take care of the running water for good, when you have experienced flooding or pipe bursts it will lead to major problems in the future.

Water damage will lead to mold growth, which results in serious health problems. This is why it is critical to contact our water damage restoration team at Environment Control, who have over six decades of combined experience, as soon as possible for mold remediation.

We will also work with your insurance company to ensure the mitigation and reconstruction of your property run smoothly.


Signs that Indicate You Need Water Restoration Services

  • Water stains on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Sagging ceilings or floors
  • Peeled paint or wallpaper
  • Mold growth
  • Musty odors

For the signs above, we offer property damage repairs to your ceilings and mold remediation services for mold growth. If your business or home needs a water damage restoration service, do not hesitate to call our trained technicians with the proper tools for the repair service.

Our customers’ safety is our top priority. We will inspect your house and develop a plan to restore your property or the affected areas to their original condition.


Fire and Smoke Restoration Services

Fire damage can be one of the most devastating things that could happen to your home or business. Fire can cause both physical damage and emotional scars. If you have experienced fire damage, it is crucial for you to call a fire damage restoration company as soon as it happens.

Smoke, just like fire, can cause major damage to your property. So, it’s important to call in licensed professionals to help fix up the damaged property in the affected area. They have the right tools to look at the damage and come up with a plan to fix your home or business. 


Evidence that shows your house is in need of fire damage restoration services.

  • Soot on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Smoke stains on walls, ceilings, or floors.
  • Burn marks on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Strong odors

If you see any of the signs above in your house, you need to call the experts to inspect them. They will figure out how bad the fire was and make a plan to get your house back to how it was before.


Mold Remediation Services

Mold can cause serious health problems such as allergies, respiratory infections, and asthma. When you suspect that your house has mold, it is crucial for you to call a professional restoration company that offers mold remediation services. Mold is mostly caused by water damage in your house.

Mold remediation can give you a difficult time. It is therefore best to leave this service to the professionals


Sewage Cleanup

Pipes in your bathrooms and kitchens transport water and sewage. When these pipes burst or are blocked, they cause major problems in our homes. Sewage can lead to serious health problems if it is not dealt with quickly.

Most people prefer DIY sewage cleanup, but this is not recommended. It is best to leave these repairs to a professional team who has the necessary tools.

What are some of the signs that show your house needs expert sewage cleaning and repairs?

  • Water backing up in sinks, toilets, or showers
  • Slow-draining toilets or sinks
  • Bad odors
  • Gurgling sounds are coming from the drains.

If you see any of these signs, contact restoration experts to do the job for you and fix any water damage in your house.


Janitorial Services

We also offer a wide range of cleaning services. Our team offers cleaning services to our clients so that they can live in a clean place. It can be difficult to find the time to thoroughly clean your home.

When our customers do not have the time to clean their homes, we offer complete janitorial services.

Environment Control Cleaning Services:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Pressure washing
  • Floor cleaning

While you spend your time on things that matter most, let the experts clean your house. We ensure your family lives in a clean environment. All the services listed above are some of the ones offered by Environmental Control.

If you are having a difficult time fixing your home, Environmental Control of Southern Colorado is here to make your home safe and comfortable.


Environment Control of Southern Colorado Provides Trustworthy Restoration Services in Pueblo, Colorado

Business owners and homeowners in Pueblo like keeping their houses and commercial properties running efficiently. Our local restoration company knows what problems homeowners and business owners in our city have to deal with.

We are aware of severe weather conditions and fires that can cause damage to your property.

Environmental Control is a trustworthy restoration company that has been helping people in Pueblo fix up their homes and businesses for decades. Don’t let a disaster destroy your property; call us today or visit us online to get a free estimate and learn more.




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